colors restaurant - hyderabad - waverock - aparna sarover

We are considered as one of the best and finest group of people, who successfully owns and run authentic, tasty restaurant in Twin cities, serving quality food items, prepared in most hygienic environs. All the food items are prepared in, using branded ingredients, to feel and enjoy fine dining experience.

We are proud to mention our association with Ascendas, VBIT Park,Hitech City, Hyderabad from Jan 2009 to 2012 .we started Ultra modern Restaurant in Aparna’s prestigious venturse “Aparna Sarover” and “Aparna Cyber Commune” and also we opened 600 seated big food court at Tishman speyer India(wave rock) which is located at Gachibowli from April 2012.

Consider our preparations, as you experience our hospitality and the authentically prepared dishes we present to you for dine-in or fast Indian take away. Fragrant, pungent and warm spices are blended fresh daily in an exciting, centuries old craft of indispensable cuisine. We offer a unique luncheon or dining experience. We offer you modern South & North Indian breakfast, lunch and dinner, in wide varieties of Chinese, continental, tandoor cuisine. Only fresh, natural ingredients are used to tempt your appetite. Each dish boasts its own distinctive flavor and aroma, and the flavors are as varied as per Indian climate.

Enjoy the exotic flavors and subtle tastes of finest cuisines, rooted in the rich heritage and age old traditional, that absolutely suits to modern gastronomy.

Geographical and cultural influence on the region’s cuisine: South India has hot, humid climate and all its states are coastal. Rainfall is abundant and so is the supply of fresh fruit, vegetables and rice. Andhra Pradesh produces fiery Andhra cuisine which is largely vegetarian yet has a huge range of seafood in the coastal areas. Tamilnadu has Chettinad cuisine, perhaps the most fiery of all Indian food. This style too is largely vegetarian.

From Kerala comes Malabari cooking, with its repertoire of tasty seafood dishes. Hyderabad is home of the Nizams (rulers of Hyderabad) and regal Nizami food rich and flavorful with tastes ranging from spicy to sour to sweet. Hyderabadi food is full of nuts, dried fruits and exotic, expensive spices like Saffron.

Style of food: By and large, South Indian cuisine is perhaps the hottest of all Indian food. Meals are centered on rice or rice-based dishes. Rice is combined with Sambaar (a soup-like lentil dish tempered with whole spices and chillies) and rasam (a hot-sour soup like lentil dish), dry and curried vegetables and meat dishes and a host of coconut-based chutneys and poppadums (deep-fried crispy lentil pancakes). South Indians are great lovers of filter coffee.

Staple foods: No South Indian meal is complete without rice in some form or other – either boiled rice or Idlis (steamed cakes made from rice batter), Dosas or Uttapams (pancakes made from a batter of rice and lentil flour). Dal’s (lentils) are also a part of most meals.

Cooking oils commonly used: Groundnut refined oil is most commonly used for cooking and frying. Vegetable oils like sunflower and canola are also used and ghee is poured over rice during daily meals or in special occasion dishes.

Important spices and ingredients: Curry leaves, mustard, Asafetida, pepper and peppercorns, tamarind, chilies and fenugreek seeds.